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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

I didn't take a picture every day this week. But for the days that I did take pictures, I did get some pretty cute ones, if I do say so myself!! :)

I found this adorable dress at Target for only $20!! Ellie gets to wear it in her Auntie's wedding this summer!

Sneaky girl!

 Elliott looking like a big girl, riding in the cart at Target (twice in one week?!?! Sheesh!)


 What a ham! I don't know where she gets it ;)

Friday night
Scott and I went to the Silvertip's game Friday night with my friends from work. It was so fun, and the Silvertips even pulled out a win for us! This is Christie and Scott.......typical.

Sleeping beauties. Elliott and cousin Zoe sleeping in the car. I was wedged between these two on a little road trip.....we had a fun girl's day!

I hope you all had a great weekend! The fun isn't over for us yet.....Scott and I are off to the Cinnebar later today with our good friends, and Ellie will get to spend the afternoon with her Nana and Papa!

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JonasAxel said...

love all of these esp.the one of me and scott he loves me :)

uwmomma said...

Yes, yes he does! I love it, and your matching coats :)