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Monday, January 31, 2011

No Google-ing Allowed!

Ellie's one year check up was last week, and it soooo did not go as planned! I figured we would be in and out in a matter of minutes, with a little vaccine and a little talk about ditching the bottle. Hmph. One hour and fifteen minutes later, we were headed out in search of a pharmacy and a respiratory therapist. Not how I expected a little check up to go, and  not how I expected to spend my day off!

I've been worried about my little girl, but I'm trying not to stress about it. The doctor (who is new to us, but I think he's a keeper!) heard some wheezing, and he wanted to be on the safe side. It could totally be caused by the cold she had has, but he prescribed twice daily antibiotics and nebulizer treatments nonetheless. We go back in tomorrow morning to make sure that the wheezing has cleared up.

He had a serious heart-to-heart with me and made it clear that I was not to go home and google anything, and he certainly did not want me stressing out about this. But, what's a momma to do when this is what every morning and evening look like??

I'll be the first to admit that she's still stinkin' cute, BUT it is so hard to know that she's having trouble breathing! I've had a few mini-panic attacks since Friday, but I'm trying to relax. I realize that at the moment this is very minor, and by tomorrow it will probably be nothing. This makes me have an even greater empathy for those mommas and babies struggling with more severe ailments. I pray that God keeps us safe and healthy from here on out!
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The Lungos said...

Peanut was a neb from 9-15 months old. She was a wheezer and and seem to always have a cough. I think it was the weather in Seattle because it was either a coincidence or the climate - but she was tons better once we moved to Idaho.

Hope Ellie is feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

My daughter, Adelynn, somehow got croup a couple weeks ago. I am glad that the doctor caught Ellie's wheezing at her checkup!
Hope she feels better soon!!!

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JonasAxel said...

what a sweetheart. i'm glad there are doctors to help. let me know if you need a break or anything else. love you all

uwmomma said...

Thanks ladies!! Ellie's check up went well today! We'll be hanging on to the nebulizer for a while just in case, but for now any sign of asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis are gone!