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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12 Months

Trying to keep up with antibiotics, treatments, a snotty nose and fevers, I kinda forgot a 12 month post for Ellie! How sad!! I posted her 12 month picture when I wrote about her birthday party, but I wanted to fill you all in on what's new with her and take a look back at the last 12 months :)

At one whole year old, Elliott is 17 pounds and 28 inches. A little peanut with enough spunk to make up for her size!! I was a little concerned with her size, until my mom pulled out my baby book.....umm, I was 15 pounds on my first birthday!! I guess we just grow small babies! She's wearing size 12 months now, and a size 2 or 3 shoe. We're still using cloth diapers and she's generally a medium in those.

 Ellie's only true word right now is "Buzz Buzz" (go figure), and she says it "buh buh". Adorable! She attempts all sorts of other words, but this is the only consistent one. She's walking running all over the place, and she loves to ride around on the Power Wheel Quad that she got for her birthday.

Her hair is getting so long and full, and I even had to cut it today! Okay so I literally cut one hair. It's the one that has always been about an inch longer than the rest. It would hang all the way down and touch her cheek, and I just had to cut it! (she won't be getting a real haircut until who knows when!!! I can't bear to cut it just yet!)

Elliott is eating pretty well now. I feel like this has been an ongoing struggle since the day she was born, but maybe we're finally getting somewhere. We cut out formula over the past few weeks, and at this point we are completely formula- and bottle-free! Yay! Ellie eats three good sized meals a day, along with a few snacks. We're trying to get her to drink whole milk, and some days it's a struggle. We've added chocolate milk to the menu, and that helps a little :) I like to warm her milk up in a sippy cup and snuggle her before bed, just like the old days. Although, this little one isn't so into snuggling anymore :(

I feel like she's learning something new and different everyday, and it's so exciting! I love seeing her "dance", and teaching her new words. I love how she can make a toy out of anything, and how everything is a phone to her. I simply love being her mommy :)

Here's a look back at the greatest year of my life!!


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