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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY Wednesday

I've been repurposing old picture frames, and I wanted to share my creations with you! I won't claim that these are my own original ideas, because many before me have done the same thing with picture frames. While I can't take credit for the idea, I did make these on a whim, with not even a photo or inspiration to work with. Honestly, both of these little projects combined took about an hour to complete.
If you've got old or unused picture frames laying around like I did, why  not give it a shot?! You'll need a frame, hot glue gun, fabric, and ribbon. That's it!

         Before: plain white picture frame                                    After: Cute hair clip holder for E's room!

 And one baby girl only needs so many hair clips......So I needed something else to make with this lovely frame that was just taking up closet space. It still holds pictures, just in a cuter, more unique way!

      Before: Picture frame, fabric, and ribbon                            After: Perfect little art above the stove

It's all in the details :)



Ashley said...

I LOVE the frame with the fabric above the stove! Great idea. I will have to use that idea...that gives the frame just a "extra" special touch!

Amanda Michelle said...

Hey Amanda! I just read your sweet comment on my blog... your blog and sweet little Elliott are just adorable! Our babies are only 6 days apart! I am your newest follower... it's awesome finding other mamas that live in the pnw!

Kristin said...

Hi there Amanda; I'm from the WTE/proboards group and have followed your blog. Sorry to see you're no longer on proboards--I always enjoyed your posts, and your daughter reminds me of my daughter because she's also tiny :) I love your picture frame and hairclip idea--I might steal them!!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Oh my goodness, what a good idea! I absolutely LOVE both of these!