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Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Things

I'm a little lost in my thoughts right now.
Too lost, in fact, to post anything worthwhile. I've spent the last three days with my little family of three......something that we haven't done in quite some time. It's been a wonderful weekend full of nothing entirely special, just the three of us doing what we want, when we want, as a family. I feel so very refreshed, full (literally. I feel like we ate non-stop), and overflowing with love for my husband and daughter.

So because my thoughts are much too jumbled to produce any coherent topic of interest, I'm going to simply make a list of good things :) Here are the good things happening in my life:

1. Scott went grocery shopping for me today

2. I asked Scott to pick up a treat for me when he went grocery shopping.....he picked out Ben n Jerry's Half Baked. YUM!

3. I saw the sun today, yesterday, and quite possibly the day before that, too!!

4. Ellie now says lots of words. This melts my heart!

5. We bought a potty chair and some potty-training books this weekend......I know we won't be out of diapers anytime soon, but I'm always up for a challenge :)

6. I had an amazing girl's night this weekend. Simply amazing.

7. My best friend is getting married!!!!!

8. Ellie and I have been to the Children's Museum twice in the last four days. Yep, we're crazy!

9. Ellie had her first strawberry today. She loved it!

10. I have two new pairs of jeans and a couple new shirts. I've been challenging myself to not dress like a frump everyday.

11. There's a pair of really awesome peep-toe wedges in my closet just dying to come out!

12. I purged Elliott's wardrobe again. Her clothes are all 12 or 12-18 months!!! 

13. We have a Lowe's gift card and it is literally burning a hole in my pocket! Bring on the to-do list. 

14. I have baby fever like you would not believe. And no, I can't have another baby right now. But, it's still a good thing because someday I will get to :)

15. Scott has done the dishes twice this weekend, and helped me put away laundry.

Okay, so there's actually a lot of other things that I could put on this list, but I stopped myself at 15. I'm so glad that there are things in my life that make me smile! And these are just the little things!

I hate to say goodbye to such a good weekend, but reading this list makes starting a new week much more enjoyable! Take some time to think about the good things in your life. Trust me, it helps change your outlook and it might even  give you a little pep in your step!



Kaeli Patrick said...

Amanda! I love that life is so great for you! I miss you alot! I can't wait to see you in 11 months!


melissa d. said...

sounds like a great weekend!