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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

This week was far better than the week before :)
Less spots, more fun!


Monday was Valentine's day....awwww! Elliott has some awesome grandparents! She got heart shaped cakes from my parents, and a card with some McD's goodies from Scott's parents! I was so excited for her. It's the most amazing thing to watch your child receive gifts!


Helping mom with laundry. Obviously.


Scott was gone this week. A lot! So, with spare time in the evening on Thursday, I re-organized our closet!! Ok, so I actually left Scott's side alone for the most part, but not because I was feeling mean. I just don't know what clothes he wants to keep (presonally, I think he should get to throw out all of his clothes and start fresh, but our budget just won't allow for that at the moment). On my side I did a little purgeing and a lot of re-arranging. I feel much better about walking into my closet now!


Friday was a fun day, right up until about 7:00 pm. I think we just crammed in too much fun stuff, and by the time we sat down for dinner, Elliott was DONE!

We started the day at the Children's Museum with our friends Aimee and Camden (how cute is Camden's sweater?!). The kiddos seemed to have a great time! They are both walking now, so I think they just liked having the freedom to walk around and explore. Ellie was as independent as ever, and would throw a fit when I picked her up to move on to the next activity. She absolutely loved this model horse that I sat her on....and it made my heart melt! **I've always always dreamed of owning a horse some day. It's my absolute dream in life! When Scott saw the picture of Ellie on the horse, he said, "well, I guess we have to buy a horse now." LOL!**

The last picture is Scott and Elliott waiting for dinner Friday night. We had a full, busy day, and Ellie didn't really get an afternoon nap. We waited for 45 minutes to get a table for dinner.......Don't let this picture fool you, though. She spent the 45 minute wait walking up and down the sidewalk outside, and by the time we sat down for dinner, she was done! Biggest tantrum ever, and then I was done, too! I immediately took her out to the car, and the two of us went home. I felt bad for leaving Scott and our friends at the restaurant, but I just couldn't make everyone in that restaurant listening to Elliott throw a fit! I just had a feeling that she wasn't going to calm down, and I think this time my gut instinct was right on. She had some dinner at home and went straight to bed. I sat on the couch and my awesome friends and husband brought me dinner when they were done :)

I'm so excited to have a girl's night tonight with my good friends from work. I know that I need this break, and I think some of them do, too! So, we are going to be eating and laughing and possibly wii dancing. What better way to spend the weekend?!

If you have cell phone pics from this week, post them and link up with us!



melissa d. said...

looks fun! i am glad you guys liked the children's museum! i think when stella starts walking it'll be more fun for her and we can join you!

AmyLee said...

love how she helps you with the laundry! sorry about the tantrum... that doesn't sound so fun.

TryItMom said...

I'm super jealous of your organized closet! I have to get on that.

jill said...

how cute are her valentine's day treats! and a big fat boo to tantrums!