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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How do you get your snuggles?

As a mom, I want to ask all the other moms out there: How do you get your snuggles?! I mean, really. Whether your baby is 2 weeks old or 21 years old, what do you do to get them to let you love on them?

At 1 year old, I bribe my baby with chocolate milk :)
(The doctor suggested flavoring her milk to get her to drink more of it, and we settled on chocolate. Also, a cup with a straw gets her to drink quite a bit more than just a regular sippy cup.)

I used to get my snuggles at night before bedtime, when I would give Ellie her last bottle of the day. I would hold her close, lean in, and drop little kisses on her forehead, her nose, her cheeks. I was shameless in my snuggling, and she allowed it because she was getting fed at the same time. I really miss those moments already!

Now that she's one and we've ditched formula and the bottle, I still try to get my snuggles. I warm up some chocolate milk and put a straw in her cup. We sit together in her room where it's quiet, and I do my best to get her to snuggle with me. Most nights I get at least a few minutes of good cuddles. It looks a little different than it used to, but it brings joy to my heart just the same!

So mommas, leave me a comment answering the question: How do you get your snuggles?
I'm excited to hear your answers!

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Mandy said...

Hmm... that's a good question. Honestly, I am blessed with an amazingly snuggly baby. He loves to be held, hugged, kissed. He crawls over for hugs and I am happy to give them!

Dionna said...

Emerson likes to kiss. She passes them out to everything, even the couch..and will randomly give me run by smooches...she never slows down for cuddle time :( BUT I will take my kisses where I can get them!

Ashley said...

I got lucky with Adelynn, she LOVES to give cuddles.

Kaleb, who is 6, is a lot harder to get cuddles from. When he is sick, he will cuddle. Also, when I drop him off at school and when no one is looking, he will give me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. : )

I find that the older kids get, the harder to get cuddles, so I will take them when I can.

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Amanda said...

I get snuggles the same as you. I used to snuggle her everynight when I gave her her last bottle before she fell asleep. Now the formula and bottle are ancient history so we do a sippy cup of milk and the rocking chair in the living room with all the lights off till she falls asleep and I usually hold her another 10-15 minutes. It is so hard to put her in bed when she is that content and peaceful.