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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Major Fail.

Umm, yeah. I had a major laundry "oops" last night.
Where do I even begin?!
For starters, I always wash all of my laundry in cold water (except diapers, they get a cold wash and then a very very hot wash). I usually sort darks and lights, but if I don't have enough of either to make a very full load, I don't hesitate to mix them together. I've never really had a problem with doing my laundry this way. Until last night.

I've gotten two new pairs of jeans recently. They are nice(er) ones, and I would like to keep them looking nice. They are also really dark in color. I've heard from a few different people that if you soak your jeans in a tub of water and vinegar, it helps to make them more color-fast. Less rubbing off on your hands and socks, and the color of the jeans will stay dark and fresh longer. So I set up a tub of the vinegar mixture last night, and tossed in the two new pairs of jeans, along with a few of my old favorites. After about 20 minutes, I took them out and they went directly into the washing machine. Well, it didn't make a full load so I rummaged through Elliott's laundry hamper to find a few things to add. Two (of her three) buzz-buzz's and her crib sheet were in the hamper because of a night-time diaper gone bad (a whole different story in and of itself!). I tossed them in with the jeans and ran a cold wash cycle. When they were done, I switched them to the dryer without even a second thought.......and when I took them out?! This is what I found........
I'm not sure that this picture quite does this justice.....but it's green! Very very green!
Poor buzz-buzz.
I cried. I actually cried when I pulled these out of the dryer.
The crib sheet came out first, and I kinda laughed because it was purple instead of pink. Then came a onesie that I hadn't even intended on putting now looks like a denim onesie. Hmm. I totally forgot that the bee blankets had even made it into the wash, and I was horrified when they tumbled out of the dryer as I pulled out my jeans.
I feel so bad.
But it kinda makes me laugh a little now, I guess.
This little miss is wondering why her buzz-buzz is green!

I mean, to be truthfully honest....I'm sad because these blankets are Ellie's most prized posessions. I will look at these when she goes off to college and remember how she drug them around everywhere with her. We'll probably be prying them out of her little fingers on her first day of Kindergarten. And now they're green!!!!
But then again, I guess it adds character to them.

Now I'm seriously wondering if the vinegar trick actually works?! Did I just do it wrong?!
I don't know. I will definitely find out when I wear my new jeans.......

Now I just have to stifle back the giggles everytime I see those darn green blankets.



Ashley said...

oh no! I have never heard of the vinegar trick before. You'll have to let me know if it really works. At least you can giggle at the situation now...right?!

Kaeli said...

Sorry, Amanda! Were the blankets yellow when started?

Christa said...

i recently discovered your blog and wanted to stop by and let you know i have an award for you! :)


AmyLee said...

what color were they originally?? i'm so sorry... how frustrating :(