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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

I'm gonna try to make this quick! I took a lot of pictures this week :) It's snowing again, so I must hurry! Things to do today, and I don't want to get stuck in the snow!!


Yes, this was technically last week, but Ellie was being so cute that I couldn't not share :) My Asian baby eating chow mein and playing with chopsticks!


Ellie absolutely loves this play house that she got for her first birthday. She could spend all day just walking in and out of that little house.


Lazy evening at home....eating Burger King french fries and snuggling with daddy!


Fresh outta the bath! Some mornings you just need to take a bath after a long night's sleep.....ok, well sometimes Ellie needs to. Enough said. Then, we shared some cheerios from a heart-shaped bowl with our matching pants :)


Snow day! This was my drive in to work. And after work, Scott came home early since classes were cancelled. We made the most of it and ate out at Cristiano's. The place was dead (so not typical), and we had a nice quiet dinner watching the snow fall.


Driving my new car. Yeah, maybe that needs a seperate post all for itself.
I'll explain more later :)

That was my week! Now I'm just praying this darn snow doesn't ruin my weekend plans!!



Ashley said...

What kind of car did you get??? That sucks that it is snowing...I am SO OVER snow...bring on summer! : )

Shannon said...

A new car? Exciting! I came over from a good life. Cute blog!

I do a few of my favorite things link-up on Fridays. You should check it out and link-up next week.

Kerry McCullough said...

Hey there, just found your blog on Top Baby Blogs. What a sweet little girl you have! I'm looking forward to reading more. Come stop by some time :)

Amy @ babybabylemon said...

I love freshly bathed baby. So cute!

jill said...

ellie's pony tail is just too much! and that freshly bathed shot! sooooo cute! congrats on the new car too! how exciting!! cant wait to read more about it!

jill said...

p to the s! FRAKING ADORABLE new header!!

sara sparkles said...

your car says goodbye to you?


the pic of ellie in the hooded bath towel is ADORABLE.

Stephanie said...

what a great week