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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

I truly am Wordless today (or at least, moreso than usual). It's been an exhausting day week, and all I can do after Elliott goes to bed is turn on the TV and tune out everything else!

You know what has gotten me through these last few days?! Oatmeal!
 Oatmeal baths have been really the only thing to provide Ellie with some sort of relief. This, in turn, gives me a little break, too! Of course I'm sitting there hovering over the bathtub the whole time, but it's still a nice change to see her relaxed and not in as much discomfort.
I love this little girl to pieces (splotches and all)! She has been such a trooper these last few days!

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated! I'm praying that tomorrow is an even better day!



Ashley said...

Tomorrow is a new day - hopefully a GREAT one for you and Ellie! She is so adorable, splotches and all.

melissa d. said...

did you make your own?! those work for stell's skin but the aveno boxed kind is really pricey.

uwmomma said...

Yes! Just take any kind of plain oatmeal and blend it up! Yu have to blend it a LOT, otherwise you get chunks in the bottom of the bath :) but it's way cheap and super easy!