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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

14 Months

Elliott is 14 months old today! I procrastinated in writing this because, well, I don't feel good today :( I'm thinking it's a stomach flu.....which means that hopefully it will be gone soon! Anyways, we don't make a big deal about Elliott's "month birthdays" anymore, but I still like to acknowledge it and write a little something about what this little miss is up to these days!

Ellie is currently struggling with an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Again. Hmph! The doctor prescribed azithromycin (sp?) this time around (mild ear infection) because that's what they give to kids with allergies. Well within an hour of her first dose, I was seeing spots!! We obviously stopped the meds, and the dr prescribed Sulfa-something instead. I'm still not sure if I'm willing to give it to her. We go back on Thursday so that he can check her ear again and make sure that the infection is going away.....I'm tempted to just not give her the Sulfa-whatever, and see if it goes away on it's own. She's not acting like her ear hurts, she's just miserable because her skin is all splotchy and itchy. Again. Poor girl. So, we're hoping for good news from the dr on Thursday, and then Ellie just can't ever get sick again because I never want to have to give her antibiotics again! Ever!
As far as what she's doing in her 14th month, let's take a look:

~Walking Running like a pro
~Dances, and loves to get her energy out at Gymagine
~Eating is still a frustration for all of us!
~She does like strawberries, mashed potatoes, and waffles!
~Says momma, dadda, more, all done (kind of), no, uh-oh, oh boy, milk (kind of) and others that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now
~Ellie has little to no fear of strangers. Awesome.
~Ellie loves playing in her playhouse, and throwing her big red ball
~Naps 2-3 times a day for about an hour each
~Sleeps from 7:30-7:00 each night
~Loves to walk or run outside, and play on her power wheels jeep
~Ellie likes to "wear" hats and sunglasses, and of course she has to put them on all by herself!
~She is our miss independent!
~Elliott loves to drink from my water bottle, and from her straw sippy cups
~Ellie has started to use the potty.....we hope to make this a more regular thing in the very near future!
~She asks to be picked up by raising her arms, and opening and shutting her hands.
~She uses the sign for "please" frequently and vigorously. So cute!
~She continues to make Scott's and my world go 'round :)

Elliott Erin, you make me so proud every day! You are the light of my life, and you bring me so much joy!! 
I love you very, very much!



Barbara said...

She is so sweet! I hope you all feel better soon :(

Ashley said...

Sick again??? That is a bummer - hopefully you all get better soon! I cannot believe how many words Ellie is sayin...Adelynn only says mama, dada, dogs and Kaleb(well - her version of his name) is so amazing how different kids are. Kaleb was talkin up a storm at this age...Adelynn takes her time! lol

Now that it is startin to warm up over here, I might look into getting Adelynn a little power wheels...did you find it easy for Ellie to learn to ride/balance?