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Monday, March 21, 2011

Teeny Wahine

I cannot wait for summer. Usually I love the dreary days of Spring in the Pacific Northwest, but this year I'm ready to fast forward through all this and just get to the good stuff! I'm looking forward to warm sunny days, and getting a daily dose of vitamin D! This weather right now is getting me down, but I know that less-rainy days are on their way.....hopefully sooner rather than later!

I'm dying to break out all of Ellie's cute summer stuff: adorable pillowcase dresses from Etsy, flip flops made especially for tiny little girl feet, and of course Roxy's line of clothes for toddlers called Teeny Wahine. Seriously, I about died when I found Roxy stuff in Ellie's size! (Well, almost her size. Maybe by the time those warm sunny rays come our way, she'll be ale to wear this :)

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Ashley said...

I have never heard the Teeny Wahine before..where did you find it??? I LOVE it!!! I, too, cannot wait for sunny days...there is no place better than the Pacific Northwest in the summer! :)

uwmomma said...

Ashley, I found it on Amazon! I'm going to check at Ross and Marshall's next time I'm there, because I know they carry those brands for kids!

Ashley said...

I will check there as well! Thanks for lettin me know! I can't wait to get Adelynn some new summer clothes!