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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

Here we go....another week in iPhone pics!
I take sooo many pictures on my phone, and I love to lay in bed in the mornings and look at all of them. I don't know why, that's how I wake up in the mornings :)


That middle picture pretty much sums up our Monday! Ellie was not feeling well at all. Do you see that crazy bed head she woke up with?! Yeah, she must have had a restless night! And, the only thing that did finally cheer her up was a strawberry! Her favorite thing ever!


Tueday we made a trip back to the doctor's office. Ellie got a sticker at the end of the appointment, and I let her hold it on the way home. I couldn't stop laughing when I went to get her out of the car and found her with stickers all over her face! And, since she was feeling a little better we played in the front yard for a few  minutes.


Wednesday's only redeeming quality was that it was a whopping 61 degrees out!! I seriously am ready for spring and right now 60 feels like heaven!! The picture on the left is a picture of my chicken noodle soup....without the noodles. This was an epic fail on my part. Note to self: Egg noodles disintegrate if left in the crock pot for more than 10 minutes!


Nothing special happening on Thursday this week. I stirred some fresh blueberries into Greek Yogurt for breakfast.....Elliott was thrilled. And, I just love having a garage to park in. Ellie often finishes a nap in the car while I can go inside the house and get stuff done!


Friday we headed south for an amazingly fun playdate (you can read about that here). Stella and Elliott shared a stroller, although this picture was taken after much protest on Ellie's part! And, the only bad part about Friday was the afternoon traffic we hit on our way home (but it was windows-down-weather so it wasn't even that bad at all)!


I don't normally include weekends in my iPhone Pic posts, but today was such a fun day that I  just couldn't resist :) This morning we took a little field trip to the Mill Creek Town Center. I love that it's a cozy little shopping center, with lots of fun and quirky shops and restaurants, and plenty of room to wander and roam. Our first stop was Frost Doughnuts.......ummm, yum!! This was Scott's and my first time trying it out, and Elliott's first doughnut ever! What a lucky girl to get a Frost Doughnut for her first!! She really only ate a couple small bites, but Scott and I had no problem making a dent in the half-dozen doughnuts we ordered :) Ooops! But with flavors like Southern Red Velvet and Bacon Maple Bar, what other option is there other than to try them all?!

If you want to play along with us, head on over to A Good Life blog to grab the code and then post your cell phone pictures from this week! Easy Peasy!!

I'm off to continue this fun weekend! I hope you're enjoying yours with family and loved ones :)



Kristi said...

Her outfit in Tuesdays photos is adorable!!! Makes me hope even more my bump is a girl ;)

JonasAxel said...

i love that little girl. jonas loves her too. we looked at these pictures for a long time today :)