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Friday, March 25, 2011

It was a good day....

Today was an amazingly fun Friday, and I took pictures to prove it! Are you ready for picture overload?! Because today alone I took 101 picures, and I'm not exaggerating one bit!

Ellie and I had the playdate of all playdates with Melissa and Stella, Amanda and Reese, and Jill and Corbin today! It was one of those days where you have a meeting time and place all set up, but the day is just so fun that it leads you on a little adventure! We all started at the mall playplace, just getting to know each other and letting the kiddos play. Then it was lunch, which lead us outside where we found a gorgeous day awaiting us, a beautiful walking path, playground toys and cupcakes! One event just lead to another, the babies played and babbled and shared strollers, and the moms talked and talked and talked. I had so much fun just getting in some socialization, watching Elliott make friends, and getting sunburnt some vitamin D.

So here are some pictures from our day for you to's playdates like this (and weather like today's) that make me love my Fridays off :)
 The girls
 Ellie was too funny....she would duck her head very dramatically going through this little tunnel
 Reese saying hello! She is such a sweet little girl!!
Corbin with a truck, as usual! 
Um, so this was supposed to be a picture of Stella and Elliott.....poor Stella! 
 Elliott doesn't like to share, apparently
Group photo of the kiddos 
 Corbin is one seriously cute kid!
 baby friends
 Reese having fun on the swings!
More practice in sharing.... 
This picture of Stella and Ellie cracks me up!
And what a gorgeous day it was to be outside!!

I wish that every weekend could begin this way!
Happy Friday!



Barbara said...

How Fun! It looks like such a beautiful day!

Tasha said...

Hey Amanda! I saw you on Melissa D's blog and thought I'd say hi. Your little girl is so cute! :)

jill said...

oh my, they are cute arent they! we had so much fun yesterday too!!