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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PJ Cuteness

Once Ellie hit 12 months, it opened up a whole new world of pajama cuteness for her. I mean, fleece footie pajamas are adorable too, but these skin-tight cotton ones they have nowadays are just too much! I feel like Ellie is putting on a fashion show every night before bed.....these PJs are just too cute to only wear at night, and I think she wanted to show them off to you all :)

I think these ones are my favorites. There's a matching short-sleeved shirt to go with these pants, so she can wear them into the summer, as well!

 Sometimes babies get crabby at bedtime.....

Oh hi mom, I'm just texting my friend (or calling my boss, like she did this weekend!)

I hope this made you smile a little. I know I can't not smile when I see her every night and each morning in these cute cute PJs!



Christa said...

too cute! I LOVE pj time cuz they are so dang cute! Braylee has a million pjs lol

jinnie said...

OMG, she is just way too adorable! This definitely made me smile. Love her beautiful little face, huge brown eyes, and those PJs!!! Eeeeks!