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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun With Chalkboard Paint

I've been wanting to try out chalkboard paint for a long time now.
I had visions of painting entire walls or closet doors in chalkboard paint, just because I think it looks like fun!
But when it finally came down to it, I couldn't do something so permanent. We just painted almost every wall in our house, and I really never want to paint again. That means when it's time to move, I don't want to have to be covering up chalkboard paint. Period.

So I got creative.
I managed to find three matching picture frames around the house that we just weren't using. I took out the glass and the mats, and painted to "hardboard" with chalkboard paint! Easy peasy! No measuring, no cutting....just a little black paint which, by the way, is super quick and easy to clean up!

The cost for this project was very minimal.
Chalkboard paint: $14
Frames: found in my hall closet
Chalk: $1
Bucket: $1 (Target's dollar spot!)
Hook: $1

Grand total: $17 !!!

I thought that these chalkboards were the perfect thing to finish off the play area that I set up for Ellie in our kitchen. I had to take the leaf out of the table and move our dining room to the far end of the kitchen to make room for this play area, but so far it's been worth it! Elliott loves this little space that's all hers.

The chalkboards are at her level, and her playhouse gets used on a daily basis. She often grabs my finger and pulls me into the kitchen to "play". She'll ask for chalk to color with, or simply walk into the playhouse and be content to have me watch her from outside the playhouse door.
Honestly, these moments of early childhood are just the best, and I'll never forget them, as long as I live.

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jinnie said...

What a fantastic idea! And that is such a cute play area! I've been dying to try chalkboard paint as well, but had the same misgivings as you. Hmm... what to do, what to do...

Barbara said...

Okay That is ADORABLE!!!! I may have to steal this idea when we turn get rid of Isla's changing table and rocking chair.....I want to make that little area of her room a play area! :)

Ashley said...

That is a fantastic idea! I might try that, I have always wanted to try out the chalkboard paint. Turned out great.

uwmomma said...

Seriously ladies, the chalkboard paint is so easy to use! I love it! Definitely share pictures if you end up trying it!

Jessica said...

oooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! hmmm... I should do something like this for my daughters room. thanks for sharing... ADORABLE!

Feel free to swing by and visit me over at

Maelen said...

What a great play area for Ms. Ellie! and I love the chalkboard "frames". Nice work!

AmyLee said...

i love it!! i love the whole walls painted w/ chalkboard paint too, but at the end of the day, your wall is BLACK. and that's kinda crazy. i love what you did :)

Raegan is my world said...

Very very cute