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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday

And apparently a lazy Monday morning, too! It's taking me a while to get up and moving this morning!
Actually that's not entirely true. I've actually accomplished a lot (for me on a Monday morning, that is). I just don't feel that awake, yet. I'm not usually one for caffiene pick-me-ups, but I might have to get myself some tea to get things moving today!

Anyways, I'm probably feeling lazy today because yesterday was such an enjoyably lazy Sunday. It makes me want to do it again! The only thing that could have made yesterday better would have been a nap (I really need to start incorporating naps into my weekends).

We started out pretty early and made our way to try out a new church. I don't want to jump in feet first just yet, but I really enjoyed this church. I think we'll be heading back for Easter Sunday!

Then we came home and commenced our laziness.
Okay, so Scott wasn't exactly lazy. He went and played Lacrosse.
And Elliott is never really lazy....she's constantly moving.
So maybe it was just me that was lazy?! Could be.

I munched on this all day:
Fresh chips and salsa from the restaurant just down the street from our house. Yum! Notice the salt....I love salt! :)

And I took quite a few pictures because Elliott was being too cute and all grown-up looking. Not cool. Still cute, but so not cool that she's growing up so fast!

Sorry about the photo dump :)
I just can't get enough of this little one! And, I can't believe how big she looks....just cookin' away (and yelling and singing) in her playhouse. I sat there for a long time just watching her play.

Then I continued to be lazy and eat fresh tortilla chips and yummy salsa (which I may or may not have had for breakfast this morning, too). I did put away some laundry and finish up some crafts.

It might have been a lazy Sunday, but in my book, it was the best kind of Sunday there is!



jinnie said...

LOVE the photo dumps! ;) She's such a little lady in that adorable dress!

Ashley said...

Where did you get her dress? I love it! I love lazy days - although, Adelynn is never really lazy!

Great pics!

Barbara said...

LOVE the photos!!! The dress is too cute....she's such a doll! I do agree lazy Sunday's are the best :)

uwmomma said...

The dress is from Target, of course :)