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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge theme this week is Friends.
Elliott is fortunate, I think, to have quite a few baby friends.
There seems to be a lot of babies her age that we know, not to mention the many close cousins and cousin's cousins that she has!
So while I was looking through photos trying to find just the right one for a challenge, I came across these:

The Paper Mama

These photos bring back some very happy memories. Elliott got to play with her cousin Michael, who's just a little bit older than her, and Jordan.....who we love just like family :)
I remember that the kids played so nicely that day. And obviously the Seahawks where playing, too, although I'm sure I've blocked that game from my memory.
These photos seems just as sweet and sunshiney as the kids that are in them :)
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Andrea said...

"i'm sure i've blocked that game from my memory" lmao!!

Looks like sweet playtime with Ellie's buds :)

Kattrina said...

Love it!

Maelen said...

I love this! (I am getting caught up tonight, have been here for a while : ) Enjoying it as usual!