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Monday, May 16, 2011

When Bloggers Play....

When bloggers get together for playdates, sometimes silly things happen.....

The kids grow mustaches....

And eat worms!

Seriously, though, when bloggers and their babies get together for playdates, fun is what happens!
I feel blessed to live in an area that seems to be bursting at the seams with amazingly talented, and friendly, blogging momma's! Last friday Melissa from Hi, Baby organized a fun park playdate for some of us and our kidlets. I've watched most of these babies grow up on the internet, so it's really fun to see these kiddos "in real life" and playing together. Not to mention the mommas. They're awesome.

There's always a little awkward "hi, I know who you are and the names of all of your family members and what you ate for dinner last Tuesday, but we've never actually met" moments at the beginning.....but then it just comes so easily. We already know a lot about each other, so the conversations roll out and we share picnic blankets and push each other's strollers like we're old friends!
I really love it.

Friday was a gorgeous day around the Pacific Northwest, so this sunny little farm/park in Bellevue was the perfect meeting place. We got to walk, talk, and check out some animals. Then we picnicked in the shade, and watched the kids play and chase bubbles. The park also has some really cool toy structures that were the perfect size for most of our kids.
I still can't grasp the fact that Elliott is actually big enough to play like a kid. Seeing her climb onto things and really run and play still takes my breath away a little.

I'm sorry for the major overload of photos, but I think you understand. I mean, does it get much cuter?!
These kids are actually this cute (if not cuter) in person. I didn't get too many pictures of the mommas....whoops!

 Seriously, when did she become a KID?!

Here's the roll call for last Friday's playdate:

Melissa, Stella and Rowan - Hi, Baby
Andrea, Michael and Griffen - Peanut Butter Handprint
Amy and Parker - A Good Life
Mandy and Harper - Harper's Happenings
Amanda and Reese - Raising Reese
Jill and Corbin - The Chronicles of Corbin

Check them out when you get a chance.
They're all lovely ladies, and their blogs are on my daily reading list :)

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Mandy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm SO jealous I couldn't make it to your playdate! Boo!!! But oh my gosh, how cute are those kids?? They're all getting so big!

Anonymous said...

I love your snaps! Still bummed we missed mustache time - although it probably would have coincided with MELTDOWN time! This is totally the age where you look at your toddler and have a mind = blown moment that they are little people and not just your smushy baby anymore. Bittersweet.

Kiara Buechler said...

The mustaches are hilarious! What a lovely day to play in the park.

melissa d. said...

hilarious! you got some really great shots of e!!

seriously, are they little people or what? when did it happen?!

AmyLee said...

ahhhh!!! sooo cute! i am so sad we left before the mustaches were broken out. and that picture of my back makes me look like i have a rat tail!! i laughed out loud at it. but i do love the one of me jabbering while feeding parker & not paying attention. good times.

you guys are so fun! let's do this AGAIN.

AmyLee said...

ps: i just posted my recap too :)

jill said...

oh how sweet is that pic of her running and her little pig tails! and climbing up into the play house!! we had so much fun!!