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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playing Pretend

Spring around the Pacific Northwest is a waiting game.
The sun will tease us with a little appearance (and the temperature will reach into the 60's and we'll all complain about how hot it is.....and then take it back real quick because we don't want to take any sunny day around here for granted!) and then disappear behind clouds and balmy rain for another 5-7 days. This continues on until who knows when. Sometime in late July, I think, is when we finally get more sunny days than rainy per week. And that doesn't last long.
 I'm not complaining about the rain because, well, if you live here there's obviously some part of you that doesn't mind the rain. It's just this in-between time that I hate. Spring. It's frustrating at best.

Yesterday, however, we took advantage of our one sunny day in the 10 day forecast. We played pretend because if you stand really close to the window when the sun is shining through it, it almost feels like summer.

So we cut up fresh summer fruits and ate it for dinner.

Then we tried to find a bathing suit for Elliott to wear.

(We settled on this last one. This picture was taken a while ago, but I couldn't resist posting it again :) The other two suits are still a little big, but they'll fit her this summer!)

Then we took a little family walk
(it was supposed to be a run, but walking in the cool evening sun just felt better).

We actually walked to the high school that we live close to. They have a pool there, and I just discovered their toddler pool and swim schedule this week! My sister-in-law invited us to join them for an evening swim, and it was so fun! Elliott loved being able to walk around the kiddy pool by herself, and we got a little chit-chatting in between my over-protective mommy dance in the water.

I'm pretty sure that Elliott and I will be taking a walk to the school to swim every spare chance we get this summer! I love when I find fun, cheap things to do so close to home!

For now though, while we wait out spring, we'll have to just play pretend. We'll bundle up in our sweatshirts, and eat our fruit salad, and swim indoors while dreaming of warm summer nights.


Ashley said...

I TOTALLY agree about the weather in the Pacific Northwest! Although, I do not recall it being this bad. I am glad to hear that you took advantage of the nice day - I, however, was sick and could not take advantage of it. I felt so bad for Adelynn, but I felt like poo!

Where did you get that 1st swimsuit at? It is my favorite!

Barbara said...

When we visited the pacific north west we fell in love with it's beauty! I do think the rain would be hard to get use to though. Living in So. Cal we never have to deal with much of it and when we do it's a little treat! lol
We were in the 90's this week and thank goodness it's going back down into the 60's and 70' was a fun week though!
I LOVE swimsuit number 3.........She's so cute in it :)

Anonymous said...

So true! Looks like a delightful night, I took my boys for a walk too. What a bummer to wake up to rain AGAIN this morning :(

uwmomma said...

Ashley - swimsuit #1 is from Baby Gap, but it's a hand-me-down so I'm not sure it would be so easy to find!

Barbara - the third one is from Carter's (of course. I love all of their stuff!) It's also size 6-9 months lol! She's a peanut!