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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Current Status: Grateful

I was going to post a quick status update on Facebook about this, but I kept putting it off all afternoon. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is so much bigger than Facebook. The words that I need to say right now deserve much more than just a quick sentence or two. These words are important, special, and need to be in a place where they will get the respect and appreciation that they deserve.

What I wanted to say on Facebook, would have read something like this: "I seriously love my parents! My mom teaches valuable lessons on patience and parenting without even trying, and she is my best friend! My dad has endless knowledge of photography and I'm so glad that we have this interest to share!"

Really, it would have seemed out of place. My Facebook statuses are usually reserved for breaking news in the kiddo department, and what I'm going to have for lunch. And to sum up all of my feelings about my parents and how much they do for me in a few short lines? Absurd.
Today was a reminder of how good we have it, and I felt like shouting it from the rooftops! I feel like now that I have my own little family and a child of my own to raise, I need my parents more than ever, but they go greatly unappreciated. I need to start appreciating them (and showing it) more often! Today their house was a safe haven for me and Ellie while Scott was at drill. We could have easily stayed home or gone out and done something just the two of us.....but I wanted to be with my family. I love spending time with my parents, and I know that not everyone my age is so lucky to have that kind of relationship with their own parents. So I choose to savor these moments. Those ones where I get to watch my daughter blow kisses to her Oma and jump on top of Opa's belly as they wrestle. Seriously, we are so blessed.
On top of just having a downright fun, relaxing day in a house that wasn't our own, I was lucky enough to get some serious photography mentoring from my dad (while the little one took a nap with my mom, no less!) He is a genius when it comes to the math and science behind the camera, and I don't know if he appreciates that quite enough. I know I didn't appreciate his knowledge until just recently. Not only did he give Scott and I a pretty amazing camera as a wedding present three years ago, he also dishes out tips and lessons whenever I might ask for them.
I feel as if lately I have gotten a grasp on aperature and ISO, but I needed something more. My dad talked me through a lot of basics today and gave me some good illustrations, and even let me borrow another lens! I am so excited about it, as I think it will really teach me a lot! I now have two lenses to experiment with, and a whole lot of new info to chew on and try to use. I don't know where this photography nonesense is going to lead, but I know that both my dad and I are so excited about the possibilities! Even if it's simply a hobby that we share and that will bring us closer together? That's enough for me!

I left my parent's house today feeling refreshed, loved, and understood. I don't know if they know this or not, but just being in their presence makes me feel good.....I know that my parents will always love me, and they will always be my biggest fans.
Thanks mom and dad, for everything!
I have so much more that I could say, but I think you already know!
Thank you for being my parents. I love you!



Barbara said...

Awe.....I love this. You are so lucky to have your parents in your life. Now that Isla is here I miss my dad more then anything.......its so hard not having him here. Charish every moment.

Barbara said... worked from my phone!! YAY! While I'm back I wanted to say I LOVE the pictures!!!! <3