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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Funny Thing....

Funny things happen when that elusive "spring" makes it's way to the Pacific Northwest.
You see, we've been sitting around, hiding inside and dodging raindrops, since last September.
That's 9 months people!! If you got pregnant last September, you could possibly say that you haven't seen the sun your entire pregnancy! Okay, that would be a lie slight exaggeration. We have seen the sun in small glimpses and fleeting blue-skyed days.
But, when the sun actually makes it's appearance (in a "I'm going to stick around for more than just a one-day stretch, and you'll have more sunny days than rainy each week" kind of way), some funny things happen around here. Men (with Twilight-esque, painfully pale skin) walk around shirtless, and air conditioning is used in cars around the clock. The Dairy Queen drive-through sees an endless stream of visitors, and the beaches and parks are at their maximum capacity. Being deprived of sun will do funny things to people, and seeing the sun in all it's glory brings out something crazy in us!

When the temps hit 65F this week, I dressed my child like this:
Yep, I'm guilty! I let all the sunshine get to my head, and we pretended we were in Florida or something! Judging by these pictures, you'd think it was middle of the summer, scorching hot. Nope. We reached 65F that day, and we loved every minute of our sleeveless, short-hemmed costumes.

And you want to see something really crazy?!
When the temp reaches 70F, we pull out the bathing suits and kiddy pools. No joke.
Maybe it got a little higher than 70 today, but still, in many parts of the world, today would hardly even qualify as "warm". But to us up here, it was not only warm, but "cool off in a kiddy pool" worthy. Ellie splashed around with a new friend, and we soaked up this gorgeous day, all the while hoping that the sun will stick around for one more day.....

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