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Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday: Red Robin....YUM!!

Whenever I say Red Robin, I have the urge to add "yyummmm" at the end of my sentence :) Anyone else?

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It's no secret that the dirty bird has been my favorite place to eat for a long time now. I've had numerous birthday dinners there, and too many best friend dinner dates to speak of! However, Scott is not as enthusiastic about this eatery. In fact, it's kind of like pulling teeth to get him to eat there. We went last Sunday as a little family. I took a picture of Scott and Ellie, and it reminded me of a time that just the three of us had gone there probably a year ago. These are probably the only two times in the last two years that we've gone to Red Robin as a family!



jinnie said...

My, how she has grown! I love those dreamy brown eyes! (um, Elliott's brown eyes. LOL!)

Ashley said...

I love Red Robin, but we cannot eat there as a family. Mike has gotten sick every time we have eaten there...bummer! : (

Mike's mom took me and the kids there for my birthday bad for Mike! lol

Love the adorable.

Wendy said...

Cute! Wytmer is like that about mexican food. Who doesn't like mexican food? I think he doesn't have a soul.

But, anyway, Red Robin is so yum! And so kid friendly. Ellie looks like she likes it. :)