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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Part 3: The Farm

Finally, we made our way to a little farm in not so sunny California. We were in wine country, after all, surrounded by rolling hills and windey country roads lined with antique shops. Every home seemed to have acres to spare, and many yards were littered with goats, cows, horses.....

We visited a friend of the family, and her animals. She was more than excited to show Ellie her new baby chicks!
Ellie did, in fact, love them, which was a relief to us all (we couldn't have dealt with one more screaming fit, I'm sure)! I was a bit timid to hold the chicks myself (anything with little, sharp claws scares me.....rabbits, birds, cats) but seeing how brave my one-year-old was petting the little babies, I bravely held out my hand and picked one up. It wasn't so bad. These little guys were too cute, and I cherished these little moments of silence while my baby girl discovered something new.

We also saw sheep, chickens, and dogs. It was a good ending to the day. We went back to my grandma's house and filled our bellies with yummy lasagna and continued our laid-back, carefree vacation.

On our last day in California, we stopped by a place called Wild Flour. It's an organic, brick-oven bread bakery. Nom. We waited in line, and paid cash for loaves of fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness, and shared a strawberry-mango scone before we were even back in the car! Seriously, this was the good stuff. Fresh bread, no preservatives.....the guy who baked it was the guy taking the money and handing over the loaves! It was a fun experience, and I was able to bring some garlic cheese bread home to share with Scott and some friends! Perfect ending to a week in the country.......


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