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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

So I took about a million and one pictures this week. From father's day, to matching sandals, to my 27th birthday....there were just a lot of fun things to document! So here's a peek into our week:

Sorry they're so small! But, here's what you should have seen:
Father's day with Opa and Papa
Matching salt water sandals. Love.
Crazy hair and cute squishy legs.
How to eat a banana.
Yellow shoes and purple tootsies.
Ellie and her Uncle Bubba at the Olive Garden.
Pretty in Pink.
Funny sleeper.
Wondering why my baby looks like a toddler.
Birthday cake.
Dinner with friends.
Our favorite green sweatpants.

Do you have fun cell phone pics? Head over to A Good Life and link up!!



Captured by JennaLynn said...

That cake is fabulous!

AmyLee said...

LOVE the pic of her eating the banana... what a cutie pie!!