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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleeping Elliott

I think for many people, a big factor in raising kids is sleep. Will I get enough sleep? Will the baby ever sleep through the night? Is my baby breathing when they sleep? How long can one person possibly stare at a sleeping baby? Will I ever sleep through the night again?! I've even known some people who have decided for or against having a baby (or a second child or third) based on the topic of sleep.

I love sleep just as much as everyone else I know, but it hasn't been that big of an issue with Elliott. For that, I am very grateful!! She was a pretty typical newborn, and I vaguely remember having some sleepless and groggy nights in those first days. But after the first few weeks we started getting solid "chunks" of sleep during the night, and it wasn't long after that when Ellie really started sleeping through the night.

I've always had a nightly routine of checking on Elliott before I go to bed. It used to entail reaching over the crib railings and feeling her tummy rise and fall. I would close my eyes, breathe in her sweet baby smells, and count her breaths for a few minutes. When I was satisfied, I would head to bed and often hold the receiving end of the monitor to my ear. My how times have changed!

It's not that I don't worry about Ellie while she's sleeping's just that as she gets bigger and older, it's easier to tell that she's doing fine (I often hear her snoring or rustling about). We moved her to a toddler bed a few months ago, and on top of that, she has become a really light sleeper. Checking on her before I go to bed has many a times led to me kneeling on the floor trying to "hush" her back to sleep after the sound of the doorknow has woken her up.

I've learned a lot in the past 16 months. I can be satisfied with my nightly check-in now simply by poking my head in her room, listening to her breathing for a few seconds (and make sure she hasn't fallen out of bed) and then move on to my own bed. Sometimes I still hold the monitor to my ear as I fall asleep, but sometimes a momma just has to do silly things like that.

What I've found to be highly amuzing with Ellie's sleep is her funny positions at night. Over the last few weeks, it seems as if every time I check on Elliott, she is in a different, funky position. Many times this entails sleeping on top of her pillow. But it never fails to crack me up. If I can stop giggling long enough to take a picture, I do! Just look at her!


Hehe! I love our nightly check, and one day my phone's photo storage might just overflow with sleeping Elliott pictures.

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melissa d. said...

omg, amanda i am dead over those photos! so so cute. i have a photo of zoe sleeping standing up tipped over on her bed when we first switched her too. thinking about taking the plunge with s soon too! eeep.

Wendy said...

LOL! I love the last one, so funny.

Brianna said...

I Love it!!! LOL

jinnie said...

HAHAHHAHAHAAHHA!!! HILARIOUS!!!! And adorable! The last one and the one on the floor are definitely my favorites! Isn't watching your baby sleep just the most awesome thing ever? :)

Isabella James said...

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Ashley said...

I LOVE these pics!!! Mike and I have several pics of both Kaleb and Adelynn in their silly sleeping positions. We get a good laugh almost every night when we check on Adelynn.