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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

Last week, I got to take some photos of Elliott with her cousins, Zander and Zoe.
I love when these three kiddos get together.
They all seem to entertain each other, and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together.
Especially Ellie and Zoe. They're only 5 months apart and, well, it's a girl thing!

So, these are just a couple of my favorites from our little session.....our main purpose was to get some pics for Zoe's 1 birthday (which I still am in denial about.....)
I think we accomplished that, and then some! While getting pics of all three kiddos together was quite the task, we got some decent ones of each of them individually!
Birthday Girl!

My handsome nephew! It's seriously tough to get a real smile out of this guy!
This is my new favorite picture of E! Seriously, I could stare at it for days!
This was definitely Zoe's favorite part of the day!
One more of Ellie 'cause I just can't resist the red, white, and blue!

This picture makes me smile :) Zander is so serious about his guitar's like a little slice of American pie!

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Wendy said...

So cute! Your photos are so gorgeous. And is that a crown that you made? You've got some serious talent!

Barbara said...

The pictures are beautiful Amanda and so are the little outfits!! <3

Alana Jo said...

Oh my goodness. What cute kids!