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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

Is anyone else super excited that it's the weekend?!
With the Holiday on Monday (my normal day off), this whole week has just been dragging by for me!
So I'm relieved that it's Saturday, the sun is shining, and I have a fun BBQ to attend tonight!
(forget about the dirty toilets, huge pile laundry, and  two days of potty-training attempts all while Scott is away at's still Saturday and that's reason enough to celebrate, right?!)

Here's a look at our week. Enjoy!

Monday we started the holiday off right: with yardwork. Scott and I worked on the yard together (with pink gloves.....what could be better?!), which really made it seem like not so much work at all! Ellie just hung out in the back yard with us and looked darn cute.

Tuesday was WARM here in the PNW, and I was just bummed that I had to be stuck at work all day! But, snapping pics with this little cutie made it a little better. And when I went to pick her up after work, I found that grandma had put her to work in the yard!

Wednesdays are now Scott's days to stay home with Ellie. I love that they get a whole day together! Scott usually lets her stay in her pj's all day, but I went ahead and got her dressed before I went to work since it was already warm out! I also put her hair into a kills me every time because she looks so grown up! And, she must have had a long day because she was t.i.r.e.d. that night.

Thursday is my "early" morning at work (we have to leave the house around 8:30) and Elliott decided to get up early with me. This was my attempt to distract her while I finished getting ready.

Friday Elliott and I stayed inside all day long. Inside the kitchen, specifically. I really think she's ready to potty train, so Friday we started working on it, and for us that meant staying in the kitchen. I'll have some more details on that later (assuming that we have a success story on our hands).

And finally, some cute pigtails. I think this picture was actually taken Thursday??? but the pigtails were just too cute to leave out of the weekly line-up, ya know?

If you have cell phone pics from last week, post 'em and then head over to A Good Life to link up!


1 comment:

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, Ellie's pigtails are too cute! And I love the pink gloves. Once I almost bought a hammer just because it was pink. :)