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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I the only one?

Please tell me I'm not the only mom who:

~Picks my child's nose

~Stays up late at night looking at cell phone pictures of my baby

~Tries to make a baby scrapbook, but I get too caught up in looking at the pictures that I never actually finish it

~Plans our day around naps......even if that means we leave extra early and hope that the tot falls asleep in the car

~Wants to pull my hair out some days, but I would still rather do that than go to work......

~Gets super excited about poop and pee that actually make it into the potty

~Talks about my kid NON stop. Sorry, coworkers

~Waits patiently in the car as the baby finishes up a nap. It's the perfect time for reading or putting on make-up

~Truly thinks of myself last.......even if I never thought I'd see the day

~Would snuggle my kiddo all day if she'd only let me!

~Chooses to "let go" of things. Dishes and laundry really don't matter......they can wait

~Can't wait to grow our family, but in turn is scared of that change

~Gets cabin fever just as easily as my toddler

~Is always thinking of matching outfits for this little family to wear

~Goes to work with diapers and snacks in my purse

~Checks on my baby every.single.night when I should be sleeping

~Loves being a momma more than I ever thought I could!

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Barbara said...

Awe love this post and you're so not alone. Its amazing the things you do and what becomes important when you become a mommy! She's just precious and so luck to have you!

nicole. said...

you are most definitely NOT alone. i pick boogers and sit in parked cars, too. lol.

know what i DONT do. ever. wear a husky shirt :)

quack quack ;)

Ashley said...

I am the SAME way!!! I think of it as being the BEST mom!!!