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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Time That We Went Camping....

Like I mentioned yesterday, Ellie and I went camping over the weekend.
 I can't say that I pulled it off alone, because I did have plenty of family there to help me.
But at the same time, I'm going to brag and say that I did it! I went camping with my toddler alone!!
My mom came to my rescue many times, and I have to thank Grandpa and cousins and aunts and uncles for entertaining Ellie so that I could disassemble a tent or sneak off to the bathroom alone.
But after four days in the wilderness (ok, it's not like we were in the middle of nowhere.......more like the Oregon Coast!), I feel accomplished that both me and Elliott made it out alive!
We had some fun times with family playing at the beach, walking around Seaside, riding carousels and driving bumper cars, and singing around campfires. I probably spent entirely too much time hovering and playing referee while toddlers threw balls, fought over sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and teetered around hot fires and roasting marshmallows. But that's just how I am. I can't rest until I know Ellie is safe and is minding her manners. Most days while camping, that meant laying on my air mattress and reading gossip magazines by the light of the lantern as E drifted off to sleep in a pack-n-play next to me. I missed late-night conversations with my cousins and rousing games of Uno and Taboo, but I enjoyed being there for my daughter. I got to show her how it's done! She was an utter mess most of the time, both in physical appearance and toddler-like behavior. Much to my dismay, Elliott threw more tantrums than I can count, which often left us locked in the car to work it out so as not to disturb the entire campground. But these are the times where my mom would step in to give me a break, or my dad would find a way to distract Ellie and get her laughing again. For all that she put up with (lack of sleep, missing her daddy, being dragged out into the wilderness to camp), I have to say that Ellie really held it together. The good outweighed the bad, and I would probably do it again if I had to :)
The few pictures I did snap while camping were, unfortunately, shot at ISO 1600. I know, right?! I just wasn't paying attention, and my poor camera does not deal well with a high ISO. So, we have some grainy pictures to prove that we made it to the beach:

 These girls sure didn't mind getting dirty!
 Sticky, sunscreened babe all covered in sand.

 After taking a dip in the ocean. She didn't mind the cold, cold water one bit!
This beach is known for this cool shipwreck

I'm thankful for weekends like this. Weekends away from work, with family, enjoying nature, and making memories. It was worth the bug bites, sunburns, bruises, and skinned knees, for sure!

Can we get a vote for brave souls camping with toddlers?!
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nicole. said...

i LOVE to camp. LOVE. Sadly, we havent been ONCE this year. Tear. Seriously, I have NO clue how its August and we have not been once. My fam typically spends weekends camping the whole summer.

Sigh. Me = Jealous.

Barbara said...

I LOVE camping. We went every year as a kid and I can't wait to take Isla. I really want to go to Big Sur sometime soon! I'm so happy you girls got to go and have you're very brave!

Wendy said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I think it's so important to expose our kiddos to lots of experiences, even when it's hard. Kudos to you for not letting a stressful situation keep you from having fun with your family!