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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 3

I'm finding it hard to not get discouraged with this whole process.
It seems as if there's always something that is just trying to get me off track. This last weekend we went camping. For me, camping has always meant aimlessly eating while sitting around camp playing board games, then taking a walk to the bathroom, eating a fire-roasted dinner, and settling in for a long night of s'mores and snacking.

I didn't do too bad last weekend, considering the frame of mind I'm normally in on trips like that. I'm learning to readjust my expectations (how about camping is time for family, being active, and some adventure? I have to make it not so much about the food), find pleasure in things other than food (taking a walk on the beach with my daughter is much more satisfying than shoving a twinkie down my throat, believe it or not!), and enjoy small treats along the way (portion control and finding yummy alternatives to my favorite desserts really isn't that bad, afterall)! So, camping this year wasn't a total gut-buster, but I'm hoping to gain even more self-control and perspective before any more family camp-outs :)

Now, let's weigh-in, shall we?!

Here's the run-down:
Each week I'm going to share with you my ups and downs from the current week, my current weight and any other progress notes, and some words of wisdom.
Then, it's your turn to link up and share with everyone else your ups and downs, current weight (if you want to) and other progress notes, and words of wisdom for that week's topic.

The rules for linking up are simple.......write your blog post,
and be sure to include my button (grab the link below).
Then, head back here and link your post at the bottom of this one!
It's easy, and I'm not too picky on what you post about......I want to hear YOUR thoughts on fitness, diet, exercise, and healthy living!
 I'll have a different "topic of interest" each week, but you can really write about whatever you feel like writing and sharing.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

Positive: Not getting TOO far off track while camping
Negative: Getting a little off track while camping
Starting weight: 144.8
Last week's weight: 139.6
Current weight: 138.4
Total weight loss to date: 6.4 pounds
This week's topic: Exercise

Ok since I have yet to exercise (for reals) during the past three weeks, let's talk about it!
 I want to know what forms of exercise you like.
What do you think is fun? What exercise seems to benefit you the most?

For me, I want to like running. I want to, but I just don't. I think I may force myself to start running though, for a few reasons: 1) I really do feel good after I run, 2) It's free and doesn't require driving anywhere, 3) Ellie can go with me! I have to ration my time each day (as in, how would I like to spend nap time today? Showering, blogging, cleaning the kitchen, or running?) so exercise where Ellie can chill in the stroller is a plus.
I could also do a workout DVD after E goes to bed (heaven knows I own about a million of them).
But working out in our tiny house kinda makes me feel claustrophobic. And dirty.
So, should I challenge myself?! Maybe I'll set a two times in the next week.
There, that doesn't sound so bad, now does it?

Will you challenge yourself, too? What form of exercise is your favorite? And what goals can you set for yourself this week?
Write your post, grab the button below, and link up!



amy@agoodlife said...

dude you still LOST weight. and you were camping! that is nothing to feel discouraged about! go you!!

and i hear ya. seems like there is always something there just waiting to derail me. so hard, isn't it?? that's why you have to figure out how to make lifelong changes... that means changing the way you are even in social situations where you'd usually pig out. it is HARD & i'm far far far from perfect :(

Barbara said...

You're doing amazing!!! You're doing this the healthy way and you're losing weight every week....that's awesome!

I hope you enjoy running, it gets easier with time! I actually don't hate it anymore ;)

Keep up all the heard work! :D