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Friday, August 19, 2011

Our First Fro-Yo

Last night, the Pawlak family had their first frozen yogurt experience.
 Okay, so we're probably the last people to jump on this healthy-dessert-bandwagon.
But? We are so on it!

If you haven't tuned in on Wednesdays, let me tell you.....I'm in the process of making some major lifestyle changes in the health/diet/fitness department. One of my favorite treats in the whole entire world is ice cream! I never actually thought that I would even give frozen yogurt a fair chance. I'm pretty sure I tried TCBY a few years ago, and it really paled in comparison to places like Cold Stone. Something about ice cream was just so fulfilling.......and yogurt was not!

But when I found a groupon-esque deal online this week for a new local self-serve frozen yogurt place, I decided we might as well try it! Thursday was the perfect day to try out some fro-yo. It was warm, my family was together, and I made sure to make room for a little treat in my diet (which wasn't too hard to do when I looked up the nutrition info for frozen yogurt.....sooo much better than ice cream!!).
This place was seriously cute! Called Udderly Sweet, this self-serve frozen yogurt shop had friendly staff to show us the ropes, and funny/cute signs giving good tips and some gentle reminders to follow the rules (cows don't think it's cool if you take bites before you weigh and pay, ya know?!).
I was surprised by how many flavors they had, not to mention the many fat-free and dairy-free options!
I chose two flavors, chocolate and NY Cheesecake, both of which happened to be fat-free!
Ellie chose to just have a bowl of gummy bears!
I topped my soft-serve with almond slivers and coconut. Yum!
Scott chose an interesting concoction: banana frozen yogurt topped with gummy bears.

I do have to say, I might just be a fro-yo believer!
Not that eating frozen yogurt would be better for me than eating ice cream every day....but I think in moderation, frozen yogurt is just as delicious, and a good substitute for a tasty treat every once in a while.

Plus, getting to choose and mix and match flavors and toppings is pretty fun!
Even this guy appeared to be having a good time (I guess if you shove a phone-camera in someone's face enough times they finally give in and start smiling).

Ellie couldn't put down her bowl, even after we got home! We filled it up with grapes and graham crackers for an after-fro-yo snack :)

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Wendy said...

I just jumped on the bandwagon, too! I love it! The cheesecake flavor is my favorite.

We might have to go tomorrow :)

Barbara said...

YUM! I LOVE fro-yo! I actually enjoy it more then ice-cream. We had some last night :) I had tart original with some heath bar!! SO GOOD!
Isla had strawberry with M&M's.