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Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Kid Table

Last week, we made some changes. I got this antsy feeling that I get every six months or so, and I just needed change! So, my sweet, sweet hubs spent one night helping me rearrange practically the entire house. We moved furniture, vacuumed, moved furniture again, and then moved things one more time......until it was all just perfect.
I felt refreshed as I sorted toys, clothes, and miscellany into piles to give away, store in the garage, and just plain throw in the trash! I felt clean and less stressed with each couch cushion that was fluffed and every baby rattle that was neatly tucked into a box in the garage. I didn't realize what a state of disaster our house had become until I started cleaning it all up.

With our couch moved, the living room feels lighter. Elliott's toys used to reside in the kitchen, and now they have a lovely home under a window in the front room. A toy box made it's way from the hallway back to Elliott's bedroom, and piles of books and clothes were taken to the Goodwill. And, Ellie's high-chair found a new resting place in the garage.

That last one took more out of me than I thought it would. I remember being SO excited when we found the perfect high-chair. It was a part of a set, and we bought the entire matching ensemble. High-chair, carseat, stroller, and pack-n-play. We fell in love with the pattern, and when we saw that they were being clearanced out, we bought it all, piece by piece. The high-chair was actually one of the first things we bought for our baby, before we even knew that we were having a little girl. I clearly remember purchasing it ($79), toting it home, and the packaging that it sat it for months and months.
I remember the first time I put Ellie in her high chair:

And seeing her in it just recently:
Gosh! Who knew high-chairs held so many memories?!
I'm such a sap!
Anyways, we stuck that big ol' thing in the garage!
When momma wants change, something that takes up as much space as this high-chair has got to go! We will use it again, someday, but until then it is safe and sound in the garage.

What does this mean for miss Ellie?! Well, she's found a brand new spot at the big kid table.
And?! I think she likes it :)



stephanie said...

I made the same transition with my girl about 6 weeks ago... later than most people do it apparently. she loves it!

nicole. said...

she seems to like it ;)

Ashley said...

Adelynn moved to the table about a month ago...she LOVES being at the table with everyone else!

Barbara said...

I think we were living the same life last week!!!! Hahaha!

I hope she loves it just as much as Isla and isn't the extra space so nice? It's so bittersweet though!