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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This little one is changing too much.
Growing up too fast.
Her hair is so long now (and getting thicker by the day) that Johnson & Johnson baby wash (which we've used since day one) just isn't cutting it anymore. She's got tangles, and it just wasn't feeling soft after bath time. So we bought "big girl shampoo". (Not really, it's still baby shampoo, just in an Aveeno bottle.) But, it's a change. It smells different.
We also ran out of our J&J bubble bath (the purple bottle......if you've used it, you know what I'm talking about. That smell. Mmmmmm!) I found another bottle under the bathroom sink......except it's the blue bottle. It smells so different. It works the same, it's just different.
So many changes.
We have tantrums now on the daily. I'm working with the people in my life (i.e. the husband and the babysitter) to set firmer limits with Ellie. I've been the "bad guy", and lately Ellie hates me for it.
It breaks my heart when she doesn't want me, or that she runs to daddy when she's upset because she knows he'll give her what she wants.
She is changing, and now we must change.
Ellie has more teeth, more words, more scrapes and bruises than she did two weeks ago......and the weeks are flying by.
Which means that pretty soon it will be her second birthday, and I'm going to be looking back at this post and shaking my head......wishing I had savored it all just a little bit more.
Wow, that got way more intense than I had intended. Sorry.
I just get caught up in my thoughts sometimes......but I'm glad I got that out!
It's a good reminder for me to stop. slow down. enjoy this moment
(even if "this moment" involves Elliott screaming at me and pounding her fists into the ground because I won't let her drink my soda).
She'll always be my baby, right?!



Barbara said...

Awe I know what you mean! Its all going so fast and they're changing everyday! What an amazing adventure it is. :)

nicole. said...

tantrums. ugggghhhh my least favorite part of mommyhood

nat said...

being the "bad guy" is never fun! but you'll get through it, and she'll appreciate it. eventually :) Good luck!

(And cute pics, btw!)

Mallory said...

She is so cute. My daughter is about the same age and she has really started pushing boundaries lately. Her newest trick is climbing on top of the couch- scary.

Amanda Michelle said...

whoah, just wrote a similar post, about living in the moment... crazy how fast our little ladies are growing. these times are so bitter sweet-so happy and proud watching them grow & so sad to see the days pass by so fast.

The Tiny Team said...

Oh my, she is such a cutie pie! And yes, they grow so darn fast...wasn't I just bring my boy home from the hospital???