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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fair Weather

Something funny is happening around here. We've had gorgeous blue skies, and temps into the 80's for the last couple of days. And the forecast?! Appears to be more of the same for the next week or so. I think most of us in the PNW had kind of given up on having a decent summer. And just when we were ready to pack up the flip-flops and pull out the hoodies and Uggs, fall is nowhere to be found! I'm not complaining, although I did have my sights set on Fall. I will cherish these last few days of summer (while the rest of the country seems to be cooling down rapidly), and save the sweatshirts and jeans for October, I guess!

We took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and spent a family day at the fair. The fair for me used to mean lots of "fair food" (i.e. corndogs, lemonade, and funnel cakes) followed by some crazy, spinning rides, and topped with watching Scott throw money away play carnival games. Sometimes, we would even drive home with a giant stuffed dog filling the backseat. Now our time at the fair looks a little different. We searched and searched for rides that Elliott could ride on.....with no such luck. The little tyke is just too darn little for any rides just yet. BUT, we did find that she could do the pony herself!!! I was thrilled watching my baby ride a big ol' pony all by herself, and Ellie was pretty darn excited too (even if you wouldn't guess that by looking at the pictures).

After the excitement of pony rides, we wandered around a little and looked at some animals. Food is still something we can enjoy at the fair as a family, and that is what we did! I had a corndog (and shared with Ellie) and Scott ate a hamburger. We topped off our lunch with some ice cream and a shake from the Purple Cow (uummm, can you say "best ice cream ever?!?!"). Then we walked around some more, and found a fun activity for Ellie: watching little boys play on vintage tractors, not give her a turn, and then try to run her over (note the sarcasm).

Finally, because we felt as if we hadn't eaten enough nor had we spent enough money, we finished our day with a fresh funnel cake. I always feel the need to buy one of these at the fair......I'm not really sure why, either. They are super tasty, but a few bites is more than enough (and, I always end up covered in powdered sugar before I can even take those few bites!).

I'm thankful for fair weather, and for a fair outing with my little family :)
Happy Labor Day!


stephanie said...

mmm funnel cake! looks like so much fun!

Amy Bailey said...

I need to get back to the Evergreen State Fair. We've gone to the Puyallup the last few years and there is no Purple Cow :(