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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Long Weekends......

Apparently tomorrow is a holiday. Yeah, Columbus Day.
I didn't know it was anything other than a reason for kids to learn about Christopher Columbus in October. According to Government officials, though, it's a full-fledged holiday!
That means Scott has a nice long weekend. I'm not complaining ;)
We've enjoyed some awesome weather this weekend, and lots of time together as a family. I also had a little girl's night out with my friend Melissa, some apple picking with my good friend Christie and her son Jonas, and we event went to church this morning and had lunch with my family.
So I can't really say that I didn't accomplish anything this weekend, because lots of memories were made and fun was had. But, I do wish that I had gotten more done around the house.
My goal for Saturday was to stay home all day and scrub, scrub, scrub this house from top to bottom. Well, that didn't happen at all!
I got some laundry washed and some clutter cleaned up, but that's about it! It's so hard to spend my time "off" cleaning and scrubbing instead of playing with Elliott and Scott.  

I think what needs to happen is this:

1. A List. I accomplish so much more when I have a list.
(see? I'm moving this boring ol' blog post right along, with the help of a list)

2. A Kid-Free Day. As much as I hate to spend any more time away from Ellie than I already have to,
I think this is necessary. It's next to impossible to try and clean toilets and mop the floor with a little toy-chucking, crumb-dropping tornado following me around everywhere.
Maybe Scott and Ellie can have a daddy-daughter date soon, and leave me home alone to
clean up all of their our messes.
That might just be heavenly.
(It's sad when being left all alone to clean my trashed house is heavenly, huh? Oh well.
I wouldn't trade this life for anything, that's for sure!) 
Anyways, the fact that it's a long weekend means one thing: I still have one more day to make this weekend count! Tomorrow includes a playdate in the morning and a playdate/mommy date in the evening.......that leaves me one good afternoon (and nap time) to get some things done! I'm off to make my list and maybe even get a jump start on item #4: folding laundry.
(These pictures were taken last weekend when we were trying to take family photos. We got rained out. But, isn't Ellie's outfit just too cute?! I love it.)
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Chelsea said...

I must say, there are few things better than having the house to yourself to clean. I think I might steal that little idea of yours and [beg] have Cory take Alea on a daddy-daughter date so I can do just that :)

amy@agoodlife said...

i'm jealous he gets the day off! enjoy it :)

nicole. said...

im jealous too. government officials but not students and teachers. bum

Wendy said...

I'm jealous, too :(

But oh my goodness, Ellie is too cute!

stephanie said...

I hope y'all enjoyed your day!! love the pics!

Barbara said...

Okay that outfit is on my Target list ;) I saw it there the other day and loved it! SO CUTE!