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Saturday, October 29, 2011


At this time last year, we were celebrating a lot of Elliott's firsts.
This year is different because we've done it all before. Yes, every holiday is still just as fun and exciting, and E is still at an age where we don't quite know what to anticipate because we don't know how she'll respond to being dressed in odd clothing and plopped in a pile of leaves or put in a fancy dress to be sat on an a strange old man's lap.
Yes there's still some unpredictability to it all.
But last year was special. A first for everything.
We had a tradition of putting a "Baby's First......" bib on Ellie for every occasion last year (most of the bibs were bought by my friend Christie, and I'm so glad that she started that tradition for us!)

This year will be fun, but there are no bibs, no toting around a defenseless baby who can't tell us that she doesn't want to be a cow for Halloween. This year the holidays will be different because someone has a voice, an opinion, a will of her own. Those are the things that will also make this year's festivities fun! I cannot wait to share special moments and traditions with Ellie once again, because for her, it will be like the first time!

And just because I'm reminiscing, here's a look back at Elliott last year at this time. Poor girl! Haha!

I've posted a few pictures of Ellie in this year's costume on Instagram and Facebook, but you'll have to wait to see it all put together! She actually wore all the pieces of her costume, as well as shoes and makeup, and I have pictures to prove it!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a safe Halloween!

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