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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Little Mommy

Ellie has been fascinated with her baby doll for a few weeks now.
But just yesterday, she decided that she is this baby's mommy.

She feeds her, changes her diaper (with some help from me.....she gets quite frustrated with the whole process), and pushes her around in the stroller.
In fact, Elliott even rushes this baby to the bathroom at random and puts her on the potty.
I hear them shuffling around, and then a "ppsssss" sound comes from Ellie's mouth, and they finish off with some "good job" and "sticker?!"

Now, if only Ellie would pay as much attention to the potty for herself as she does for her baby.

She's a good little mommy.


Brittany said...

She makes such an adorable little mommy!!

Jill said...

such a cute mommy!

Kiara Buechler said...

How's it going with the potty? Yesterday Dane told us when he went pee pee in his diaper, so we decided it really is time to give it a shot. Mid November we have five solid days blocked of, we are going to try what you did, hanging out in the kitchen all day. Give us an update please, and any helpful hints you have!

Barbara said...

I just adore her! Isn't having a little girl so
Much fun? <3