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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Day in the Life

I decided it would be fun to capture just a typical day in my life through photos.
These aren't the greatest pictures, and there's so much more that happens in a day than what I'm showing you here, but you get the idea.
Plus, I'm a firm believer that life is in the details. It's the little things in life that mean the most.......and those are the things that I want to remember for always.
I want to remember what Ellie looks like when she first wakes up in the morning, and what we ate for dinner or what our bedtime rituals were like.
So, I spent an entire day capturing these little, insignifigant details.
And while I was a little uneasy toting my nice camera with me all day, I'm so glad that I did!
I will probably do this every once in a while, just for the sake of memories.

So, here is a day in the life:
 6:30 am: my alarm goes off. I shower quickly, and when I'm finished.......the monitor is lit up with red dots - Ellie is awake!
 7:30 am: Ellie snuggles in our bed while I finish drying my hair and get dressed for work. She eats a little snack and watches Olivia or Franklin on TV
 8:30 am: while Ellie eats breakfast at the table, I scurry around the kitchen getting dinner ready in the crockpot and throwing together lunches for us both to take with us for the day.
 9:00 am: Aaannnd, we're off!! Driving to the babysitter's house, we sing and dance to our favorite tunes. Our current fave?! Caspar Babypants (and I don't see that changing anytime soon):

 9:55 am: In the parking lot at work is where I normally put on my make-up. It sounds silly, I know. But in my car, after the tot has been dropped off for the day, is usually the easiest time to finish getting dolled up for the day.
 11:30 am: Today was a potluck day at work. We have these ALL the time, and I really don't mind ;) Cheddar Brocolli soup and artichoke dip hit the spot for a mid-morning snack!
 2:00 pm: An afternoon Starbuck's run is usually in is my day to go pick it up. Drinks are bought, shared, and IOU's are always accepted.

 3:30 pm: I turn around in my chair and check the status of my favorite tree outside my window at work. Sometimes, you just need to open the window and take a hit of fresh air to keep plugging on with the work day.
 7:00 pm: Picked up the tot from my mom's house and it's home at last! Crock pot nights are the best because dinner is literally waiting for me when I get home! Tonight's menu? Beef Stew and hard rolls. Mmmmm comfort food.
 7:30 pm: Ellie eats dinner with my mom before I pick her up to go home, but she gets a "second dinner" with us! Sometimes she eats it, sometimes she doesn't.

 8:00 pm: Bathtime is complete, and now there's just enough time for a little coloring before bed. Seriously, this girl loves to color!

 8:30 pm: Some nights Scott is home for dinner, and other nights he gets home late. But he is almost always home in time for bedtime, and tooth-brushing is his deal. I was only allowed in to get a picture of my two monkeys.
 And, it's lights out for Ellie!
 9:00 pm: Bedtime for baby equals work time for momma! One load of diapers, ready to wash!
 9:30 pm: Time to craft and fill some etsy orders while I catch up on my favorite trashy TV shows. On tonight's roster: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Sister Wives.
11:00 pm: I finish off the night with some computer time: blogging, photo editing, answering e-mails, and updating my etsy shop.

Seriously, i'm exhausted. But? I love, love, love this crazy busy life!
I always wish for more hours in a day. More hours to play with Ellie, more hours to snuggle with Scott, more hours to be a good daughter, friend, sister, co-worker. More hours to be a successful blogger, photographer, crafter.
My life is FULL but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Chelsea said...

What a cute little peek at your day-to-day life. I love these things :) I think I especially love that Starbucks run... Yum! I've been dying to try one of those salted caramel mochas that everyone has been talking about, but the nearest Starbucks is 20min away from my house!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

How fun! I actually just recently started a series on my blog called "A day in the life of..." You totally fit right into it! Let me know if you'd like to basically just use this post as a feature on my blog! :)

Kiara Buechler said...

I love this idea, totally going to steal it ;-)

Our days are remarkably similar!

Ashley said...

Great post!!! I have been gone for awhile...but am thinking about coming back to blogging! I LOVED this post, I might have to use this idea!

Mrs. Wacker said...

Hi! New follower here. Looking forward to reading your blogs in the future.

Hope you'll follow me back

stephanie said...

how fun! I love this idea- I'm going to have to steal it :)

Barbara said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this peek into your life! Like the others have said I'm totally stealing this!!!

Ps Isla lives with her coloring book.....she loves "colors." And we watch the same trashy TV shows! :)