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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Virtual Garage Sale, Part 1: Diapers

I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to have a garage sale this summer.
While I feel that I had decent stuff, it just turned out to be a bad weekend for a garage sale!
(That, or I really do just have junk for sale.....I guess we'll soon find out! Ha!)

I've decided to take the garage sale to the interwebz. I've got some cute kid clothes (girl stuff, mostly 12-24 month sizes) and some fun momma clothes, as well as some cloth diapers. Now there's definitely some random chitsy stuff that you would find at normal garage sales floating around my house, but you won't find those for sale on this little blog.
What you will find is only our favorite items, in the best condition possible!

This is how it works:
I will be doing a few different posts with our items that are up for grabs, and there will also be a "Garage Sale" page that you can click on to find all of our current garage sale items!

If you see something you'd like, simply email me and let me know! I will then send you an invoice via paypal, and you will have 48 hours to pay for your item(s), and then I will ship them out to you! Pretty simple, right?!

One more detail: shipping is $5 per item (shipped within the United States). If you're buying more than one item, please let me know and I will group them together and calculate a shipping price for your order.

Ready to get shopping?! Today's special listings are some cloth diapers!






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nicole. said...

garage sale.

i want. to. do. this.