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Saturday, October 22, 2011

21 Months

What I'm thinking most about having a 21 month old is that I have exactly three months to plan an awesome birthday party!
Haha, okay not really, but that thought is always in the back of my mind (I mean, E does turn 2 on the 22nd day of the probably needs to be a pretty epic party, am I right?!)

What I am thinking a lot about these days is just how grown up my little girl is becoming.
I know that I'll be saying this for the next 20 years of her life, but it's true!
There's not really anything "baby" left to her.
She's all toddler, and I have to say, it fits her really well!
Elliott is able to communicate with us, and this helps us in a number of ways.
First, it's cut down on a lot of tantrums. Elliott has many, many words, so most tantrums stop as quickly as they started when I simply ask "what do you need?" and remind her to "use your words".
A word will pop out of her mouth ("milk", "color", "up") and I ask her to follow it up with a "please momma" and BAM! Problem solved. I really kind of love it.

The second way that communication helps things is that it erases some of her boredom (I think).
Ellie just seems a lot more content lately, and I attribute that to better communication. She can tell us what songs she wants to listen to or what toy she would like to play with. She can sing and count and interact with us. She can say silly things to make us laugh or to get a reaction.
It's really just pretty stinking fun to hang out with her lately!

Ellie is my daughter and I'm always insanely proud of her, but this month I think it was a little over the top. I find myself bragging about her on the daily at work, with family, or even to strangers at the grocery store. I guess you could say I'm her biggest fan, her cheerleader........her MOM.
It all comes down to this: I love being this little girl's momma! Even if I don't ever accomplish anything else in this life, I would feel complete if I could continue to raise her and help shape her into the person she is going to be, and continue to grow our relationship together.
I'm proud, and so SO in love!
 Elliott Erin, I am so happy that I get to be your momma! I will always be your biggest fan and your best friend. I will always be your mom. No matter what. I love you, I love you, I love you!



Courtney said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! :) Happy 21 months little lady!

Barbara said...

Love this post! The pictures are all so darling.

I'm noticing the same about Isla lately......the way they can communicate now is huge. Isn't this the best age? I want to freeze time.

stephanie said...

she is beautiful! can you believe she's almost 2?!?! time flies!

Kiara Buechler said...

Awww, I love how much you love being a mama :-)