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Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Minute DIY

Do you have ten minutes? Good! I have a project for you!
This particular project is something that I've had in mind for quite a while now.
Posts like this one and that one inspired me further.
They made it look so simple, so I decided to go for it!
This easy DIY photo display took me all of about ten minutes (and $0) to round up all of my supplies and get to hanging pictures!
You will need:

Clothespins or cute clips

I happened to have all of these lying around my house. Maybe you do, too!
If not, I can't imagine your supplies costing anything close to a fortune.
I used two different kinds of ribbon. The top layer is thin, but it matches the pattern in my kitchen/office perfectly. I layered a thicker, sheer black ribbon underneath. I didn't measure or use a level (although I probably should have.....I'm just lazy!), so I just eye-balled it and started nailing the ribbon to the wall. Make sure that it's snug.....most types of ribbon will stretch ever-so-slightly, and once you start hanging pictures on it, it won't appear to be so tight.
I love how easy and quick (and cheap) this project was!
But most of all, I love how it spiced up my workspace, and lets me display many pictures all at once!
If you make your own version of this picture display, I'd LOVE to see it!!


Kacie said...

Very cute!

New follower from the blog hop.

Nesha said...

I love it! And I'm going to do it, with a link back. It is so simple, but very effective in creating a beautiful display of pictures!

Chelsea said...

Amanda, this is way too cute for words! Thanks for sharing :)

Amy Bailey said...

Love it!