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Friday, November 18, 2011


So, I feel like we left for vacation a week ago, and came back and it's winter all of a sudden! I mean, we had such a nice, sunny introduction to fall that I guess I got a little spoiled by it. Then, we spent a long weekend in Florida.....where the weather was perfect and the beachy scenery was absolutely gorgeous. So coming home to this:
is just a little depressing. It's so depressing that I don't actually want to post about our wonderful weekend getaway, because that would just be sad!

Ok, it's actually only  depressing for like a second.
You see, I secretly like dreary weather. I'm pretty sure that's why I live in the Pacific Northwest. (that, and many, many other reasons.......Courtney named just a few in this post)
I love a rainy day where you have nothing better to do than to curl up in your favorite sweats and blast the heat from the thermostat. Maybe bake some cookies just to eat them all up while you watch a movie you've seen a thousand times already. Days like that are just divine!
And I guess you could say we have the perfect weather for it! Days where running to the grocery store is a cold, wet, frazzled ordeal and sitting under a fuzzy blanket with a good book seems like the perfect reward. Yep, I live for days like that.
I foresee a weekend full of fuzzy-blanket-snuggles, movie-watching, hot-cocoa-drinking, and good-book-reading. So maybe amidst all of that I will find the time to write a decent blog post......maybe.
For now, we'll sit inside, snuggled close, and pretend that the sun is shining.



stephanie said...

whoa! that's cold! I'm a Texas girl for sure :)

nicole. said...

snow. YES {partly because i LOVE no school snow days}

Barbara said...

Brrrrr. We're actually having a chilly fall here this year and it's SO nice!!! Enjoy the snuggles. :)