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Friday, December 2, 2011

FlashBack Friday: Oh, Christmas Tree!

I could have sworn that every year we get our picture taken with our Christmas tree right before we cut it down......but my memory seems to be failing me. Or, what actually happened was this: each year we head to Farmer Brown's Christmas Tree farm with our friends Katie and Chase, and each year on that day, it rains. Last year, apparently we cared about our child's health and kept her out of the rain while a tree was picked and cut down. Because? The only pictures I have of her from last year are in the car. But, these happen to be some of my favorite pictures of her. She just looked so darn cute in hot pink!

And while we definitely got rained on this year, last year looked a heck of a lot soggier. 
I love being able to go back to the same tree farm every year. It was fun seeing Ellie tromp through the trees this year, rather than be cooped up in the car. She totally love the fresh kettle corn and being carried around on her Auntie Katie's shoulders.

I love this picture of Ellie and her Auntie Katie. 

 Chase found a keeper!

Yep, I'm that mom. I only have one word for this picture: blackmail

 It stayed dry for the first part of our adventure. Then, we got a little wet and decided we better hurry up and pick a tree! Ellie didn't seem to mind the rain too much!

I'm so glad it's Christmas tree season!


Barbara said...

I adore all these pictures!! I just love having our tree all lit up.... So relaxing.
Ps I remember those pics from last year and Sophie is even in the picture. Everyone had that tether but Isla. Lol

LBR said...

how fun!! LOVE that little vest she has!

Kiara Buechler said...

Wow, she went potty outside like that? Bribed or not, what a champ!

How sweet it is said...

oh my gosh! how much fun!!! I love the potty chair! so dang cute