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Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: Santa!!

With our little family of three, we have been making great efforts to build solid family traditions. While sometimes this gets expensive on our small-family-budget, I think it's totally worth it.
One day, I'll look back on ten year's worth of Santa Pictures, and they will be worth far more than the money we spent each year.
Already looking back on just our first year of Santa photos, and my heart is overwhelmed.
I love seeing how much Elliott has grown and changed, and so many memories come rushing back to me as I flip through the photos. Here's a little recap and comparison......really just a photo dump from last year's Santa trip, and then this year's!


At 11 months old, Ellie didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap at all!
This Santa was SO sweet! I'm bummed we missed him this year....
Ellie was really intrigued by the "snow" last year at snowflake lane.


Things started off okay with our 22 month old.....

Until we put her on Santa's lap! Poor girl!

We cheered her up with snowflake lane, where she seemed just as fascinated as last year!

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Barbara said...

Hahahaha I love her reaction and I love your hair style. :)