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Thursday, January 12, 2012

FlashBack Friday: Woah!

I know that I've posted this picture before. And I'd like to say this is the last time I'll use it on this blog. 
But I really can't make any promises.
It's definitely not the most flattering picture of myself. I mean, I was 41(and a half) weeks pregnant, and trying to act happy about it. I wasn't. 
I was excited, and I was anxious, and I wanted to meet my baby girl.......but I definitely wasn't happy about being so large and uncomfortable.

This picture was taken almost exactly two years ago. I almost don't even recognize myself. I mean, the well-manicured eyebrows and the highlighted and perfectly trimmed hair are a dead giveaway to the fact that I didn't yet have a child. Sure, I was carrying one around inside my stomach, and this caused me to dress like a laid-off yoga instructor.......but still, it's obvious that I had time to take care of myself. 

There's something about a first pregnancy that makes it different. Special. 
Actually, a lot of somethings make it different. I know that any pregnancy I experience now or in the future will be incredibly different from my first. The newness and magic of it all will hopefully still be there. But the time I had to just cherish little baby wiggles and plan out every piece of the perfect layette and every nook and cranny of the nursery......things like that will be much different.

They will be different not only because I won't have the time that I did back then, before I was a parent, but the whole experience will be different because I am now a different person. I don't remember much about that girl in the picture above. Sure, I have the same basic likes and dislikes (like a love for cheese-and-pickle-sandwiches and a strong dislike for public speaking), but I'm essentially an entirely different person. I thought that I knew what being a mom would be like......but that girl up there? She had no idea.

It's been a wonderful, fantastic, fun, eye-opening, life-changing two years. Parenthood is everything I thought it would be, and so much more! Being a mom has truly changed who I am. I really don't know where I'm going with this other than the fact that looking at pictures from before Elliott was born is really mind-blowing. To know that person in the photograph, and not know them, all at the same, how much has changed in a short two years!



nicole. said...

ha well manicured eyebrows and perfectly colored hair are most definitely NOT part of my daily... weekly... nope not even monthly routine lol

so funny.

Love, Chelsea said...

I totally agree that the second pregnancy is so different. I am a little sad that I don't feel as connected yet, but maybe I will once I feel some movements and have a big belly. But it is true, we are different people now that we are moms, better I hope.

melissa rohr said...

i def think you have changed a lot, in such a good way!
you are very laid back and roll with the punches well.
not that you didn't before, but much better now :) did that make sense? haha.