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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advertising and Some Changes

I'm not a technical or design genius. This fact makes experimenting with this little blog a little bit scary. I was in the mood for some change, so I went for it. Before I knew it, an entire hour had passed and all that I had managed to accomplish was switching from three columns to two! But, I was anxious for change, and determined, so after a couple of all-nighters I think it's safe to say that things are coming along around this place......I'm still working out some kinks and have a few more changes planned, but I'm liking the new colors and simpler layout. Phew!

Now, with a change in layout comes some other little changes. I want to be better about keeping things fresh and new on this blog, including sponsors, ad swap participants, and hopefully some fun new stuff like reviews and giveaways. So below are listed my new ad sizes along with their prices, and limits on the number of ads I can take each month. I hate to limit my ad swap spots, but I feel like I need to at this point. If I find that I have way more than 8 people interested each month, then I will re-think things......I just thought I'd try something new ;)

Large Sponsor Spot includes: large 400*200 ad near the top of blog. Feature post during the month of March, and the opportunity for guest posting and/or product review/giveaway. Multiple shout-outs on Twitter.

Medium Sponsor Spots include: medium 400*100 ad just below the Large Sponsor. Group feature post during the month of March, and the opportunity for guest posting and/or product review/giveaway. Shout-out on Twitter. 

Ad Swap Spots include: small 200*200 ad below the Medium Sponsors. Group post with links, and the opportunity for guest posting and/or product review/giveaway.

Again, I'm open to new ideas. I would love to do a review or giveaway for you in exchange for a month of advertising. I would love to have you guest post here if you are an ad swapper. I want my relationship with my sponsors to be real......I've made so many connections with people through this blog, and I want those ads on the right side of my blog to be a reflection of those connections.

Email me to secure your spot for March. uwmomma {at} gmail {dot} com

I look forward to representing my friends and supporters on this blog!



Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I always get nervous when I change things on my blog. Blog design is definitely not my forte!

amy@agoodlife said...

good work on all the changes! i rarely change my blog up because it take so much trial & error & fiddling... and usually ends up in a 2am or 3am night! it looks good :)