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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Girl

Ummmm, I wasn't going to post about this here.....but now I've decided that I must. 
I'm not usually one for celebrity crushes and such, but I've been open with Scott and I don't think he'll mind if I just go ahead and do you all a little favor......

My obsession with Ryan Gosling started with pinterest. 
I know that you've all seen the "Hey Girl" photos, right? 
Submitted by @earthfaery

Because they're amazing. They make me swoon, and then giggle.
Submitted by Alex

The other day, I stumbled across the motherload, and I tell you, I almost lost it, y'all.
I was having a crappy, crappy day. But when I found this site here, I kept going back to it. Wouldn't you know it, my day started to turn right around! I would read these over and over, and it he quickly turned my frown upside down. The ones on this particular blog are centered around crafty/nerdy/etsy stuff and I felt like there are actually other people out there who really, truly get of those being Ryan Gosling, obviously.

Submitted by Beth

I actually laughed so hard my stomach hurt that night. I kept showing them to Scott from my phone and making him read them. He'd give a little smirk while I busted out the snort-laugh. Poor guy. 
He knew I was having a rough day. I'm sure he was happy just to see me laughing. But, his night was about to get a little worse......

My mood lightened and I shrugged off my bad day. Scott asked if I would like him to bathe the toddler or go fill up my car with gas. Let me stop right there because this man? Knows how to make me weak in the knees. Both of his ideas were super sweet and thoughtful, and would save me time and it was just a nice gesture all around. Instead of picking one of his generous options, I showed him this:

Submitted by MyUglyKitty

and asked, "what would Ryan say?"
I only kept a straight face for about .5 second, and then I lost it. Scott didn't even crack a smile.
Poor guy. I should probably promise never to say that again.......

Then I was thinking, I wonder if Ryan Gosling knows not only how much the ladies of America love him, but that we also love how caring and sensitive he is......I mean, it's not the images that win us over, but the sentiments that go with them, am I right?!

The original site (I suppose, there's lots of them out there) for these temptingly funny pictures is linked here. The name is inappropriate, so I normally wouldn't share it with you all, but I want to give credit where credit is due. There are some pretty hilarious ones on there, too.

And in case you were also wondering if Ryan knows about how much we love him, then there's this too:

Sorry hubs. I love you!



Love, Chelsea said...

I just laughed then swooned.

Kiara Buechler said...

When I first started seeing these, I thought it was strange, but now they have me snort laughing too.

Barbara said...

That. Is. Hilarious!
Thanks for sharing :)

Melissa @ knit purl baby said...

I love these!! I started following @handmaderyangosling on twitter and it is all kinds of awesome.