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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I am so overwhelmed when I think of the actual person my baby is becoming.
She has words.
And not just words, but she forms these words into phrases.....all on her own!
She has her own thoughts and ides, and she forms them into sentences and communicates with us now.
I know this type of thing doesn't happen overnight, but some days it just hits me like a ton of bricks.
She is no longer a baby. 
There is no more silence in this house, either. 
Constant chatter. 
I love it!

"Momma, I hold you?" - this is quite possibly my favorite phrase. ever. She says this when she wants to be picked up. Melts my heart every time!

"I yike it, Opa" - in translation, "I like Opa". I love how she turns the words around. She inserts various different words and names (although Opa is one of her favorite people, so we hear this phrase quite often as is).

"It's pink!" - everything is pink to this little girl! When I correct her, and tell her that the banana is, in fact, yellow she responds with:

"It's lellow, good job mommy!" - I giggle every.single.time

"I want the pungcorn" - that's my best interpretation of how she says "popcorn"'s one of her favorite foods, and I really need to record her saying it one of these days.

"Mommy driving" - yes, baby doll, thanks for pointing out the obvious. I told you, there is constant chatter around here. It's like she can't stand to NOT say something....I have no idea where she gets this adorable quality.

"Ellie shoes. Mommy shoes. I'm Ellie." - constantly labeling items, and she has recently started referring to herself as Ellie. She does it while pointing to herself, always checking with me to make sure she's got it right ;)

"sun song!!!!!" - E yells this from the back seat almost every time we get in the car. It's her favorite song, by Caspar Babypants.

"I watch Frank-on" - if you don't speak toddler-ese, that undecipherable word is Franklin, her most favorite show in the entire world. I've started recording Franklin on our DVR because I never know when the toddler is going to want to watch it.

These are just a few of the phrases that make me stop and say "wow, she really is a little person!"
I hope to add to this list as I remember (and as Elliott's speech progresses), because these are the little things that I don't ever want to forget!



Barbara said...

Isn't this age the best? Isla will ask for "Franklin" too. It's pretty amazing that they can tell us what they want now. I too keep a list in my phone and then type them out. It's stuff you never want to forget.

Kiara Buechler said...

This made me giggle! She is so cute! Her and Dane would make quite a pair.

Jennifer said...

She sounds like a total cutie patootie! I remember when my daughter talked like that... Now she's 3 going on 14.

How sweet it is said...

I love toddler talk!! Dont you wish we could freeze time and they would talk like that forever!!! but then we'd miss out on the little people they are becoming! Shes so adorable :)

Love, Chelsea said...

Too adorable! I love this time in our kids' lives! Everything is so new and fun!

Meghan said...

So sweet! I just love watching them start to make connections and all the cute little things they say.

bonbon said...

Love these sayings! They are so cute! It is crazy to think of how we learn to communicate and form sentences. I am an English teacher and the whole concept of being able to communicate with each other is absolutely fascinating to me!

new follower :)

P.S. Would you be interested in doing an ad swap with me? My blog is comparable in size to yours. Let me know if you are interested!

amy@agoodlife said...

so so SO cute! i know these changes really are subtle, but you're right... it hits me like it just happened over night! they are growing up & it's so bittersweet :')

rachel said...

so cute! I love to watch/hear Charlie learning his new words too! I think half the time I am the only one who understands him! looking forward to finally meeting you tomorrow!

Eesh said...

She's so cute!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

She seems to have SUCH a fun personality, so precious!