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Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Eggs

I may have mentioned a week or two ago that we started a new family tradition last year of painting ceramic Easter Eggs. It is by far one of my favorite traditions now, and we just completed year two! We have six eggs now in our little collection, and they make me smile every day. 
The best part of this tradition is the memories it creates. We headed to the same doughnut shop as we did last year, and fueled up before we began painting. 
 These doughnuts are SO tasty! They have all kinds of fun flavors like salted caramel (delish!) and PB&J.

 They have windows where you can watch them make the doughnuts.....Ellie was telling Scott all about how doughnuts are made.
After our sugar high was complete, we walked across the town center to the ceramics shop.
Last year, Elliott didn't really "get" it, and the shop owner ended up helping a lot with her egg (which turned out beautifully with a thumb-print bumble bee on it). This year, however, Ellie was all about the painting! She had a blast! And while Scott and I were concerned with the technicalities of painting our slippery pottery pieces (you have to layer your paints, you can only use a dark color over top of lighter ones, etc), Elliott was busy painting coat after beautiful coat onto her tiny little egg. 

 Why yes, Ellie even painted her hands! This paint is amazing and washes off so easily that I didn't even bother to tell her to stop.
 I'm grateful every day for my little family, and traditions like this make my blessing feel so real! The bowl full of eggs sitting on my kitchen counter prove to me that God is good, and he has truly blessed my family.



melissa rohr said...

what a super fun tradition you have started! haha, i can just picture you guys now with a million eggs when you're old people - cause you know you'll start the tradition with your grandkids too ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Frost donuts .... to-die for! My favorite is the salted caramel!!

Stephanie Doyle said...

Beautiful, I LOVE them!

Kiara Buechler said...

Such a cool tradition. It will be fun to see how her egg painting skills progress over the years.

Emily Peck said...

I love this idea!!!!!! So cute!

Wendy said...

Cutest idea ever!

Mama said...

What a cool idea! I am going to see if there is a place we can do that around us!